Ladera Ranch

Ladera Ranch

Miller Bros is a licensed, bonded, and fully insured locksmith company that holds a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. We are proud of that rating, and strive to uphold it by maintaining and delivering the highest quality and quickest response in the industry. We offer a variety of expertise when it comes to different types of locks for both your residential and commercial needs. We are fully trained for deadbolts, smart locks, mortise locks, exit panic bars, and even high-security locks.

Additionally, we only deal with the top manufacturers of locks on the market, such as, Medeco, Arrow, Corbin Russwin, Mul-t-Lock, Yale, Baldwin, and many more. On top of our expertise in the different locks and brands, we also require all of our professionals to attend training courses to stay up to date on the latest security and locking mechanisms.

Emergency Exit Bars

Ideal for any commercial property for an emergency evacuation, our expertise in emergency exit bars are unrivaled. We not only handle repairs of existing systems, but will gladly install new systems. Miller bros will gladly replace your old emergency exit system with a new emergency exit bar that is easy to use, offering a safer escape from fires, intruders, or other potential dangers that may lead you and your coworkers to the emergency exits in a hurry. We pride ourselves on the safety and security that we can offer our customers in the Ladera Ranch area.

Lock Repair/Installation

A damaged lock can be problematic in the long run. Maybe your key doesn’t always want to work, or it get stuck. Maybe the lock is just beat up or outdated and you are looking to improve your security. Whether it is for your residential or commercial property, we offer a lock repair and installation in the Ladera Ranch area. There are many ways a lock can become damaged, the locking mechanism could become compromised, the weather can freeze the lock causing it to seize up, and sometimes the mechanism can become misaligned causing keys to not work anymore. We are qualified and capable of repairs under these circumstances. We will also install a stronger, safer lock if it is beyond repair. Our experts are glad to assist you in this decision.

Extraction of Broken Keys

Sometimes when a key is used often, becomes too cold or too hot, it will begin to warp and become weak. It is not an uncommon occurrence for a key to snap off in a lock, creating a horrible situation to be in. Not only would you be locked out but you are no longer able to use your key. Miller Bros have your back. We will come out, no matter the time, and extract your broken key from your lock. We can then make you a new key, change the lock, or even rekey your current lock so you can continue to feel safe and have access to your property.

Master Key System

One of our services that we offer for residential and commercial customers in the Ladera Ranch area is the master key system. We rekey all of your locks to fit one single key. Why would you want this? Because of the security. You will no longer be locked out of your house, fumble with several different keys for your locks, and you are able to have full control over door access.

Miller Bros is highly experienced in the master key installation process and we provide the design, install, repair, and replace the master key lock system. We also offer a master key duplicate for you to entrust in someone who would need the full access to your business or home. Other benefits include a flexible design, management of less keys, an increase in security and simple system.

This service helps you avoid the hassle of replacing any current locks you may have, granting you full access with one key that fits all. The process is simple, we go through all the locks and rekey them to match the same key. We then entrust that master key to you, and offer you the option of the duplicate. This is a growing service option that many others are choosing to have implemented.

Around The Clock Lockout

One of the scariest feelings in the world is being locked out of your own home. This is very stressful because you find yourself unable to access your own property or possessions. In the event of a lock out from your car, home, or business, it is easy to panic and try to do something rash such as attempting to pick a lock. It is advised not to break into your own property, you risk damaging your locks and creating a costly mess that no one wants to deal with. Whether you lost your keys, your locks are seized, or someone stole your keys, we are able to help ease your worry with our 24/7 service.

No matter the weather, time, or day, we will come out to you to save you from the discouragement of being locked out. We should be your first option to avoid risking any damages to your locks. In the event of losing your keys, or having a damaged lock, we will be happy to provide a new key or repair the lock when we arrive. You also have the option of having it rekeyed, in case someone stole your keys.


Miller Bros is dedicated to the Ladera Ranch area for all their needs of locksmithing and other select services. If you feel you need more information about our services, call us and we will be glad to help you. We strive to prove why we have earned our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. We offer the leading services in the industry, ensuring customer satisfaction with quality work, product, and quick convenience. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It costs nothing to get a price estimate. Safety and security are our number one concern for you.