La Habra

La Habra

Miller Bros is a fully insure, bonded and licensed locksmithing company that is dedicated to providing a quick and quality service to the community of La Habra. So if you find yourself locked out or in need of emergency lock out services, contact us and we will have you in your home or car in no time. Aside from our outstanding reputation in the area, we also hold an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). We earned this rating thanks to our team of licensed experts that provide superior service in comparison to other companies.

In the La Habra area, we offer several different services that can provide safety and peace of mind to home and business owners. We deal with only the highest rated locks and brands of locking systems such as; smart locks, deadbolts, door closers, mortise locks, exit panic bars, and many more. Yale, Mul-t-lock, Corbin Russwin, Arrow, and Falcon are only some of the brands of top manufacturers that we are experienced in working with.

Our whole team is fully qualified to ensure a quality job that is done correctly the first time. They are so focused on quality, that our team continues to attend training courses to stay up to date on all new techniques in the field. The security market is constantly changing to protect the people who require safety, so our team strives to be the best at what they do.

More than just handling locks, our services are expansive and bring convenience to our customers. We handle installation of gates, doors, fire escapes, safes, and window bars, as well as other specializations.

Commercial & Residential Locks

We do not just handle lock out situations or installations for residential customers. Our team is highly experienced with the professional importance of commercial security as well. The services we provide for both residential and commercial are rekeying, installation of new locks, repairs of current locks, and more. Our team can also assist in finding the best brand and lock type for your specific needs.

Door Hardware for Commercial Property

All businesses should consider their options when it comes to locking security. Requiring durability with your locks is a must, and our team is suited to help you choose the right ones to protect your livelihood. We not only repair your locks, but we will install new locks if you choose to take that route.

Rekeying Vs Changing Your Locks

When you lose your keys, damage a lock, or even break a key, you are left with the choice of having your locks rekeyed, or changing the lock all together. Though rekeying is less expensive, you are able to get better security by upgrading your locks to a current model.

The process of rekeying a lock is basically changing the innards of the lock making the original keys useless. This is a great security measure if you are changing management in a business or even trying to keep your crazy ex-girlfriend out of your apartment.

Master Keys

Miller Bros is proud to bring the master key system to the La Habra area. A master key system is derived from a single key controlling all locks on the property. This is a benefit because of the added security with simplicity included. You are able to avoid replacing your current locks by having them all rekeyed to the master key system. This allows for the convenience of having less keys to keep account for, requiring only one key for total access.

What To Do When Locked Out

When you find yourself locked out of you home, or your automobile, it is easy to panic and try to break in yourself. Doing this is potentially harmful to your locks and security. By trying to pick a lock yourself you are risking damage to the innards of the lock, compromising the integrity of it. Not to mention, there are several reasons as to why you are locked out. Maybe you didn’t lock your keys in the car, or your key didn’t get lost. It could be a jammed door, broken key, damaged hardware, or maybe someone stole your keys. These scenarios require the experienced touch of a professional.

Safe Installation and Recovery

Our team handle more than doors and locks. They also specialize in the installation of safes, both commercial and residential. The various different safes that we offer services for are fireproof safes, office safes, home safes, and depository safes.

Not only will we install the safe, but we are also experienced in non-intrusive recovery of valuables locked in a safe that you have lost the key for or are unable to open up. Delivery, installation, and recovery are our safe services that we offer in the La Habra area.

24/7 Lockout Emergencies

Being locked out of your home or car is never convenient. Being locked out of your car in a dark parking lot at 3 a.m. is also not a promising situation. Instead of panicking, call Miller Bros instead. We offer a 24/7 emergency lockout service that will have you safe and sound in no time. We have expert locksmiths on call at all hours to aid in these particular moments. They strive for speed and satisfaction, and will guarantee to get you back in your car/home as quickly and professionally as possible.

This service will not only get you back into your car and on the road, but back in your house, apartment, or office in no time. Rectifying any damages and changing the locks if necessary.

Miller Bros is a proud and dedicated set of professionals who are driven to maintain their perfect reputation on the BBB as well as providing quality service to the La Habra community. If you find yourself locked out, don’t lose your head, call us instead. We will demonstrate how we received an A+ rating, while getting you quality results in no time at all. The products we provide are all highly recommended by security companies, and we will install them right the first time out.